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Dear Cousin, dear member of the Boustani family,

According to historians, the Boustani family dates back to the 16th century. During the two last centuries, some members of the family emigrated from different Lebanese cities to several countries. However, the Boustanis who presently live in Lebanon, as well as those of the Diaspora, constitute one sole family.

Our surname, which originated in the Arabic language, and means “gardener”, is spelled in different ways today. However, we adopted a unified spelling -Boustani - for our surname, for drafting purposes. When registering in the host countries, our ancestors had no choice but to alter the spelling of their name, so as to make it easier to pronounce in the language of those countries. That is why, all over the world, one comes across the forms Bestany, Bistani, Boustani, Boustany, Bustani, and others.

Most expatriate Boustanis seem to have lost all contact with the family in Lebanon and with the rest of the Diaspora. In order to enable the family, especially the members of the Boustani Diaspora, to get together in their country of origin, to get acquainted with their ancestors’ history and heritage, and to strengthen ties among them, Professor Fouad Negib Boustany, conceived the idea of a Boustani World Congress, an apolitical, non-religious and non-profit event scheduled to take place in Beirut. The first congress was held from October 29-November 1, 2009.

In order to define the concept and the scope of the Congress, as well as to oversee its organization, a Founding Committee was established. Kindly check the members section.

The future congresses will consist of plenary sessions, as well as special meetings for lawyers, medical doctors, businessmen, artists, diplomats, etc. Tourist and cultural activities will also be organized. The success of our family project depends in great part on your response and participation.

To that end, we included in this site a Questionnaire. Your replies will enable us to create a database of the family, and fill the gaps in existing information, so as to eventually construct the genealogical tree of the Boustani family. We would appreciate it if you complete the Questionnaire even if personal circumstances prevent you from attending the Congresses.

We would like to welcome as many Boustanis as possible at the Congresses. We therefore need your assistance in locating the Boustanis scattered all over the world. Should you know of any, please send us their coordinates so that we may contact them directly.

Please send your replies, preferably by e-mail via our email info@boustanicongress.com

Yours sincerely,
The members of the Founding Committee

N.B.: A unified spelling -Boustani - was adopted for our surname, for drafting purposes during the preparation of the Congress. However, the website can be accessed by using any form of the name, e.g. www.bestanicongress.com, www.bistanicongress.com, etc


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Happy Easter 2021!


Dear member of the Boustani Family,

May this day bring you blessings of love, peace, good health and hope. May it linger in your heart forever. Happy Easter!

Warmest wishes,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!


Dear member of the Boustani Family,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 to our Boustany, Bestani, Bestany, Bustani, Bustany, Bisteni, Bisteny, Bastani, Bostani... cousins around the world! May the joy of Christmas fill your hearts and its blessings be imparted to each and everyone of you.

Until we meet again at our next congress, we wish you safety, good health and much better times!

Happy Palm Sunday and Happy Easter 2020!


Dear member of the Boustani Family,

The members of the Founding Committee would like to send you their warmest wishes for a Happy Palm Sunday and Happy Easter! May you and your loved ones be safe and healthy and


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