Outcome of the first Boustani Family Global Congress in Lebanon October 29 - November 1, 2009


- Results of the First Boustani Family Global Congress, Click here to read the congress results


- List of participants in the First Boustani Family global
congress, October 29 to November 1,2009, click here


- Story of A Real Success: Click on the link below to read the article of Monica Prieto from El Mundo


To read the same article in english, click here


- MARIA EUGENIA BESTANI, from Argentina, had composed a poem for her grandfather Rafael Lutfalla, who emigrated from Deir El Qamar to Argentina.
She recited the poem in the bus on the way to Deir el Qamar. It was a
beautiful and very touching moment.

Click here to read the poem in Spanish as she recited it.
(We will have a translation into English soon)




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