Second Boustani Family Global Congress Early Bird Registration and Update


Dear cousin,

The countdown to your early bird registration for the second Global Boustani Family Congress has begun and you literally have ten more days to sign up as we extended it upon your request till August 30, 2014. Don't miss out on this wonderful and heartwarming opportunity to reconnect with your roots and discover some of the most rewarding exposure to your ancestors' past.

We are really excited about all those who have already indicated they will be joining us for this happy and momentous gathering.

The legendary Lebanese summer with its magical sunsets of saffron and honey, and its myriad music and theater festivals has proceeded without incident.

This past three day weekend of Mary's feast, Beirutis flocked to the mountains to celebrate with their families at barbecues, festive dinners, picnics and handicraft bazaars and fairs.

You are the best judge of whether a trip to Lebanon in the fall is a risk or not. From our vantage point, Lebanon has been a happy oasis, where thousands of regional tourists have flocked in the wake of the Muslim Ramadan holidays to revel at Lebanon's resorts, restaurants and fabled souks and boutiques.

Register before it is too late. We can't wait to embrace you in our midst.

The Boustani Family Global Congress Founding Committee


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