Professor Fouad Negib Boustany (Deceased)

Professor Fouad Negib Boustany



Doctor in Medicine (French Medical School of Beirut) (1952).

Chairman of the department of Radiology at Hôtel-Dieu de France hospital (since 1959).

Professor of Radiology at the French Medical School of Beirut (1968).

« Honorary Member » of the French Society of Radiology (Paris- France) (1988).


Civil and Professional Titles:

President of the National Board of the Lebanese Order of Physicians. (1992 till 1995).

Member of the National Board of Scientific Research. (nominated in 1993)

President of the Bioethics Committee of the Lebanese Order of Physicians. (1998).

President of the Alumni of the French Medical School – USJ (2000).

Secretary General of the Lebanese National Consultative Committee of Bioethics. (2001 till 2012)

Former member of the International Bioethics Committee (IBC- nominated in 2008)


Medals :

The Lebanese golden medal of Merit (1958).

« Cravate du Commandeur de la Croix du Mérite avec couronne».

« Chevalier de Grâce Magistrale »  of the O.S.M.M.

Officer in French Legion of Honor then he was named Commander in the French Legion of Honor (2010)

Golden Medal of the Arab Ministers of Health.

Honorary Medal of Saint-Joseph University.


Journalistic Work :

More than 120 Articles and Medical Communications in :

Revue Médicale du Moyen-Orient (Beyrouth).

Journal Médical Libanais (Beyrouth).

Lyon Chirurgical (Lyon).

Revue Française de Gynécologie et d’Obstétrique (Paris).

Presse Médicale (Paris).


Weekly Chronicles: Social, political and professional (since 1975) in:

* L’Orient le Jour

* Magazine

* Le Réveil

* Le Commerce du Levant


Books :

Chroniques Fortuites. Volume I. Index of the Arab World. 400 pages (1995).

Chroniques Fortuites. Volume II.

* Co-Author of many laws and draft laws relating to bioethics


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