General Georges Boustani, Former Executive Committee Member & Adviser to Secretary General of INTERPOL


General in Internal Security Forces (Retired)

Former Executive Committee Member & Adviser to Secretary General of INTERPOL



Served the Law Enforcement Community for over 37 years.

Held many positions during my career including Aide de Camp of the President of the Republic of Lebanon (1991-1998).

Head of NCB (National Central Bureau) Interpol Beirut and Chief of the Arab Interior Ministers Council Bureau (1999-2005).

Elected by Assembly General of Interpol held in Spain as Executive Committee member representing the Asian Continent for a mandate of 3 years (2003-2006).

Participated in the Interpol Assembly General in the: 68th in Seoul-Korea 1999, 69th in Rhodes-Greece 2000, 70th in Budapest-Hungary 2001, 71st in Yaoundé –Cameron 2002, 72nd in Benidorm-Spain 2003, 73rd in Cancun-Mexico 2004, 74th in Berlin-Germany 2005, 75th in Rio De Janiero –Brazil 2006, 76th in Marakesh-Morroco 2007, 77th in St. Petersburg-Russia 2008, 78th in Singapore 2009.

Appointed as a member of the commission for the control of Interpol files.

Member of the Strategic Development Sub-committee to Interpol.

Collaborated on the Establishment for an Interpol Bureau in the UN in New York.

Nominated for the prestigious title of Man of the Year 2005 by the governing board of the Editors of the American Biographical Institute.

Credentials: School of Law – FBI National Academy Diploma (Washington DC).

National Decorations: National Cedars, Lebanese Merit, National Unity, ISF, War, South Lebanon Dawn, Competence.

Foreign Decorations: Italian Merit, Argentina Merit, Silver Distinction of INTERPOL.


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