Myrna Bustani, former Member of the Lebanese Parliament, Chairperson of the Al Bustan International Festival in Lebanon


Born in Beirut, 20 December, 1937; daughter of Emile and Laura Bustani.

Married to Fouad el Khazen, 1958 (div. 1970)

Children: Jamil El Khazen, Laura El Khazen Lahoud.



School: Collège Protestant Francais de Jeunes Filles, Beirut

Music: Attended piano lessons with Mme Rieu Langade in Beirut during ten years

University: Ecole Supérieure des Lettres -Université de Lyon, Beirut

Degree: Licence Psychology, (BSc)


Public Service

First woman Member of Lebanese Parliament (1963-1964)


Business activities

  • Director and President of several business companies.
  • Contracting: CAT Co
  • Banking: Banque de l’Industrie et du Travail S.A.L.
  • Hotel industry: Hotel Al Bustan, Lebanon.
  • Investment Holdings: Jamyco Holding.


Cultural Activities

  • Founder (1993) and President, Al Bustan International Festival of Music and the Arts, member of the European Festivals Association (EFA)
  • Trustee,   American University of Beirut (since 1980) -
  • Member,  Heritage Foundation, Lebanon.
  • Director,  Emile Bustani Foundation, Vaduz.
  • Founder,  British Lebanese Association, London.
  • Member,  Civic Influence Hub, Lebanon


Awards Special honours

Order of the Cedar, (officer), Lebanon

Merite Culturel, Ministry of Arts of the Polish Republic

Golden Insignia of the Republic of Austria

Isabel la Catholique, Spain


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