Nathalie Boustany, Member of the executive board of the Beirut Art Center

Nathalie Boustany Khoury is a designer, born in Beirut in 1968.

After studying graphic arts in Paris, Nathalie Boustany Khoury moved to Beirut in 1991 where she worked in the fields of communication, graphic design, and accessory design.

From 2005 until early 2010, she was the director of the contemporary art gallery Sfeir-Semler.

In 2011 she was approached as a consultant for an 8 months mission by l’Academie libanaise des Beaux-Arts/ALBA to work on a new curriculum for their visual art department.

Nathalie Khoury is member of the executive board of the Beirut Art Center, the first non-for profit art space in Beirut.


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