Dr. May Sami Saikali

Daughter of Dr. Sami  Saikali and Rosée Nejib Boutros Bustany, “All Muallem”

Born in Beirut

Schooling at the “College Protestant Français”.

University: Graduated with a Doctorat in Dental Surgery from the Dental School of St. Joseph University in Beirut.

  • After graduation, attended seminars in Pedodontics at the Eastman Institute in Paris.
  • Instructed for three years as “Chef de Clinique” at the Dental School of St. Joseph University.
  • Shared a private dental practice with father Dr. Sami Saikali in pedodontics, now alone, in general practice.
  • Fellow of the International College of Dentists F.I.C.D Middle East section, Lebanon.
  • Member of the Council of the French Protestant Church in Beirut.
  • Represents the French Protestant Church in the World Day of Prayer committee Lebanon W.D.P
  • 2002 Searched for and found the Boutros Al Boustany National School “Al Madrasa Al Watanyah” 1863-1878 of the “Muallem”, first National, non-confessional school in the region, located in Boutros Boustany street in Zkak El Blat, now classified by the Service of Antiquities, thanks to the request of the Boustani Family Global Congress.
  • 2005 Donated to the Sursock Museum, with my sister Leyla and brother Sami, the portrait of “Al Muallem”, known as the master piece of the famous painter Daoud Corm. It is now part of the permanent portrait collection of the museum.
  • Was married to Reginald King-Hall from the Republic of Ireland, who passed away in 1975. Our daughter Raye King-Hall, born and raised in Lebanon, lives in Paris, married, mother of two daughters.

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